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回憶 l 溫度 l 承諾 l 永恆


Your Promise, We do.

Not only your commitment to your life, but also our commitment to our customers.

OHPROMISE WEDDING is the first wedding brand initiated by the Asian in Scotland. A group of professionals who are based in Edinburgh that are energetic, professional and creative. We have shot weddings across the whole UK, Europe and more. OHPROMISE is a legally registered company in the UK that provides customised and unique pre-wedding photography/ wedding videography / wedding planning / commercial film / wedding dresses rental and sell.

Inheriting the professionalism of the founder Kathy Lai's parents, they had been running a wedding business in Taiwan for 30 years. Never thought about inheriting parents’ career, Kathy went to Edinburgh to pursue her master’s degree and fell in love with this ancient city. After graduated, she got the British Government’s Young Entrepreneur Visa, that’s how OHPROMISE was born.

白紗 永恆經典

With our fast moving lives, it’s easy to forget so much, but a great photograph allows us to seemingly travel through time. Together we promise you have a timeless record to cherish for a lifetime and beyond. OHPROMISE aims to capture love, tears, and joy that can be re-lived again and again, and to provide you a beautiful set of images and video that you and your future family will look back on and cherish for years to come.

St Gile's Cathedral

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, this dream-like city gives the impression of crossing into ancient Europe. Edinburgh has a long history and many historic buildings are well preserved. World heritage sites such as Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, St. Giles Cathedral are located in this area. 

Edinburgh is also the second largest tourist city in the UK after London. With its fascinating natural scenery and centuries-old architecture, it is definitely the first choice for tourism and pre-wedding photography!


The advantage of OHPROMISE

In dreams, in love and in the dress by OHPROMISE there are no impossibilities.


More than just photos. OHPROMISE not only pays attention to the needs and interactions with the couples, but also understand that wedding is such an important milestone to every lovely couples. If you want to have an unforgettable memory and masterpiece wedding photographs and wedding film, you must have a top quality team. OHPROMISE staff are professionally trained and dedicated to providing caring and high quality service and respecting the profession.

Based in Edinburgh, we know the most suitable pre-wedding photoshoot venues in the UK. We also carefully plan your honeymoon travel, offer you a one-stop service, saving you lots of time searching for destination information.

We also proudly provide Wedding Videography and Wedding Dress Rental services.

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